[ARTICLE] Effect of two educational interventions on pharmacy students’ confidence and skills in dealing with adolescents with asthma

Objectives: The aim of this study was: (1) to investigate the feasibility of incorporating the Triple A programme into the undergraduate pharmacy curriculum; (2) to compare the effect of the Triple A programme versus problem-based learning methods on the asthma knowledge of final-year pharmacy students and their perceived confidence in dealing with adolescents with asthma; and (3) to evaluate the effectiveness of a pharmacy student-led Triple A education on the asthma knowledge of adolescents with asthma.

Conclusion: Both the Triple A programme and PBL were effective in improving pharmacy students’ asthma knowledge, but the Triple A programme was more effective in improving students’ confidence about managing asthma. The programme thus appears feasible and appropriate to incorporate into an undergraduate pharmacy curriculum. Furthermore, as the asthma knowledge of year 11 students was significantly improved by the delivery of the Triple A programme by trained pharmacy students, it appears feasible to have pharmacy students continue to participate in the Triple A programme.

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